Currently, I am having a spasm. No one can see it and if someone looked at me, they wouldn't know that I'm having a spasm unless I said the words 'I'm having a spasm'. My disability is invisible. If you passed me while walking down the street, you would think that I just 'Hurt my... Continue Reading →


Good Morning, hope your okay. I'm still feeling the same and quiet tired. School has started sending work home which I hate which I'm not ready for. I feel a lot more tired then usual. I feel more comfortable when my eyes are closed but I can't sleep during the day and during the night I... Continue Reading →

What I’m Doing

What am I doing whilst being off school? Well, here's a list! NETFLIX NETFLIX NETFLIX (Mostly Stranger Things) Watching YouTube Investigating... Now, most of you may be thinking 'Investigating? When off school?! Whilst having consent spasms?! WHAT!' Well, you know how most people just shutdown and watch terrible telly when off school? Yeah, well not... Continue Reading →


You know what the problem is with being curious? Questions. I hate having all these questions (Which 95% of them are useless nonsensical rubbish) as they stick with me. I question little things like 'Is there a lab like the one on Stranger Things?' (The answer, there is) and then there's the bigger questions like,... Continue Reading →

Life Being Off School

If you're at School, Collage, University etc. (But mostly School), you must admit that you would jump at the opportunity to get just 1 day off, but when your off for more than 1 week, it gets a bit repetitive. I hate how I can't do anything. All I can do is lie down, binge Netflix... Continue Reading →

Me and my relationship with tech

Okay, on Friday me and my Dad went through my laptop and deleted all the random programs on the laptop which I didn't even know existed! We then decided to 'defragment' the disk, just to speed it up a bit. The process reached 100% and I switched off the laptop, great. Today (About an hour... Continue Reading →

Why Me?

Why me? Thats a question I ask my self here and there, but I never find an answer. Obviously, your opinion (and mine) on this will be based upon your religious views and what not, but from an atheist's prospective, why me? Well, the logical answer would be that I had a bad birth (and... Continue Reading →


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