James Mole

News, opinion and a bit of satire. No schedule for posts.


Chapter One – The Battle Begins


Arron hid behind the car that was the only thing stopping the biters getting to them, he crouched down near Markus. “What happened, we were in control of this fight,” said Markus.

“I don’t know,” Arron screamed above the loud haunting groans of the biters. The door of the car slammed open and hit Arron straight on the head. Markus reacted quickly, he grabbed Arron and lifted him onto his shoulders. He ran for safety into Sainsbury’s and in the nick of time they all were safe. “Listen, Markus, we all know Chay has to go,” Wallace said.

“No,” replied Matthew for Markus “He ain’t going,”

“Screw this, I have had enough of your crap Matthew,” while saying this Wallace pulled out his club and went to hit Matthew but in a matter of seconds Matthew pulled out his knife and stuck it into the boys gut. “Man,” said Borris “Another one gone,”

“He’s a jerk,” Matthew said

“He was a jerk,”

Arron woke up and grasped Markus’ hand to help himself onto his feet. He looked at Wallice’s rotting corpse lying dead on the ground. “Crap,” said Arron, “ Another one.”

“ He was a divi,” said Matthew

“I agree,” said Borris, “ He tried to get rid of our only medic, Chay,”

“Howay Man let’s get back to camp,” Markus added. They crept out the door and checked to see if anyone was there.



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