Article 13

The EU’s Article 13 will destroy the internet, it will destroy content creators and destroy careers. So what is it? It is a piece of a proposed copyright legislation in the EU that has been created to better protect copyright holders. Sound good right? Well, it really, really isn’t. The reason why it is so bad is that if someone posts something that is copyrighted to let’s say Youtube, then Youtube is held accountable, not the person uploading it. And that’s the same for any other platform online.

Sticking with the Youtube example, Youtube has a copyright ‘strike’ system. If a video holds copyrighted content then the copyright holder is notified. The copyright holder can then choose what they want to do, for example, they could take the video down or leave it up but take all of the revenue the video makes and put it into their pocket. But if Article 13 is passed Youtube themselves would be held accountable (as I said earlier).

So Youtube, not wanting to be caught up in a lawsuit, will ban the video inside of the EU entirely. Now, around 400+ hours of video is upload to Youtube a minute, and there is obviously no way that Youtube can scan all of that footage and register every copyrighted clip. Youtube mistake a lot of material as copyrighted, for example, the system has no way of knowing if the video falls under ‘fair use‘ or not. Or sometimes videos with absolutely no sound or video have been taken down thanks to a copyright claim on that video. As I’ve said, it is impossible for Youtube to monitor all of this footage, so what does Youtube do? Stop people uploading videos and having videos shown inside of the EU entirely banned because if they don’t then Youtube could be sued for thousands.

So this means that for a video to be shown in the EU it has to be MANUALLY reviewed. The problem with this is that it could take days, weeks or even months for youtube to approve your video (Or sometimes a video just won’t be uploaded at all), so this will harm channels that cover current affairs and news. So that video could be uploaded potentially months after the news has already broke.

Now, Article 13 will also change the EU’s definition of Fair Use. Videos will only be classed as fair use if they are:

  1. Educational
  2. Non-profit

So if you upload videos reviewing, let’s say, books. Your videos would be educational but if you just earn your money of ad revenue on Youtube and you don’t have an employer that would class your Youtube Channel as, under Article 13, breaching Fair Use and have it banned inside the EU, just because you earn your money off ads. So no matter if your video is Educational or not, if you are independent you will be banned (in Europe).

So in short, if this law is passed right after you will see a massive, gigantic ban on ALL copyrighted content in the Europian Union even if it is non-profit and Educational.

By implementing Article 13 there is a very real chance the EU will kill the concept of fair use on the internet – The Closer Look, Movie reviewer on Youtube.

This will drastically change the internet. Youtube has actually said this:

The proposal could force platforms, like YouTube, to allow only content from a small number of large companies – Youtube

Article 13 will destroy the online aspect of Creativity, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression. It will ruin the internet. This law has already been aproved, the final vote is in early 2019. We cannot let this law pass. It simply cannot happen.

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