My FIFA 19 Top Ten Ratings

Before I reveal my top ten fifa 19 ratings prediction lets remind ourselves of the top ten ratings of fifa 18.

FIFA 18 Top Ten Ratings

10.Gonzalo Higuain

9.Toni Kroos

8.Eden Hazard

7.Sergio Ramos

6.Robert Lewandowski

5.Manuel Neuer

4.Luiz Suarez


2.Lionel Messi

1.Cristaino Ronaldo

So looking at these I now have an idea of what the predictions will be for fifa 19. So in tenth place i have…

10.Eden Hazard

Eden hazard had a solid and good season last year, he scored 17 goals and 13 assists across all competitions but only in the Premier League  he scored 12 goals and 4 assists which of course this wasn’t his best season, his best was the 14/15 season. I predict he will get a 90 again.

9.Kevin De Bruyne

Last season was the best season of his career he nearly won player of the year in the Premier League but he fell short to Mohamed Salah. He got a load of assists and a few goals he was rated 89 last year and I believe that he will get a 90 next year.

8.Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is still the best defender in the world, well ability wise, he went to the world cup with Spain,where they were knocked out by Russia the host nation and as always he had a good season with Real Madrid. Apart from Sergio Ramos being a cheating and diving SCUMBAG he is still a great player and I predict that in FIFA 19 he will get another 90 rating.

7.Manuel Neuer

After the past few seasons that Neuer has had I believe it is only fare that he moves a position, its not that he had a few bad seasons it’s just that he didn’t have a better season than his last.In FIFA 18 he was given a 92 and was crowed as the best goal keeper on FIFA, in FIFA 19 I believe he will get a 91 and will NOT be the best keeper on FIFA.

6.David De Gea

After the amazing season that David De Gea had last he surely should be in the top 10. He didn’t make much of an impact at the world cup by looking like Karius in his first game against Portugal but he made 115 saves and got 18 clean sheets in the Premier League.  He got a 90 rating last year and I believe he will get a 91 rating.

5.Robert Lewandowski

Last season for Lewandowski was a great season where he scored 41 goals across all competitions and  29 in the budesliga(The German first division). If we are counting Messi and Ronaldo as wingers/second strikers he is easily the best striker in the world along with Suarez. I predict he will get a 92 rating.

4.Luiz Suarez

Once again Luiz Suarez has had a solid season he had a great world cup where he formed a great strike force with Edison Cavini with quite a  weak side in Uruguay. He once again had a great season a Barcelona and I believe that once again he will have a 92 rating.


Neymar is one of the best young players of all time and defiantly the best young player of the last five years, after a big money move to PSG he won the league the following season but that was expected to happen. He scored  28 goals and 16 assists which is still a very good season but not 200 million worth, I predict he will get a 93 rating next season.

Now for the big reveal who came first, Messi or Ronaldo.

2.Lionel Messi

His dribbling,shooting and pace make him the JOINT best player in the world along with Ronaldo. In his 2017/18 he scored 45 goals  across all competitions which is an insane amount of goals he also managed 18 assists which is also excellent for a winger. After a bad world cup (for the joint best player in the world) he will get a 94 next season.

1.Cristaino Ronaldo

Yes once again the same player gets first place but there is no way that he will not get top 1. One of the main reason’s why he will is because he is the cover star for FIFA 19, EA being the cautious people that they are will keep him top so he doesn’t lose their deal. He scored 44 goals last season which is one goals short than Messi but of course he had a decent WC and that will push him into the number one spot. He will still have a 94 rated card though.

By Matthew Mole


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