Trump in the White House

I am of the opinion that Donald Trump is one of the worst (If not the worst) Presidents ever. And in this article I’m am going to present my case to you, so let’s get into it. Here is my case for why Donald J. Trump is the worst President ever to be elected (Or not elected, Russia might have something to do with that):

@realdonaldtrump does not possess the character, empathy or grace to be president of the United States.

– Rep Frederica Wilson – @RepWilson

Wow, Rep Wilson summed Trump up brilliantly in just one Tweet. And it’s completely true, he doesn’t possess any one these qualities. Donald Trump is a stupid, bigoted, mean-minded despot who is being investigated by his OWN departments for colluding with one of the biggest threats to the West, Putin.

I read an article in the Guardian recently in which Carl Bernstein, one of the two Journalists to expose the biggest political scandals in American History, Watergate, had this to say about Russian Interference in the US 2016 election:

This is worse than Watergate in the sense that the system worked in Watergate and it’s not apparent yet the system is working in the current situation. No president has done anything like Trump to characterize the American press and its exercise of the first amendment as the enemy of the people, a phrase associated with the greatest despots of the 20th century.

When the very person who exposed Watergate says the Trump-Russia collusion is BIGGER than Watergate itself, something must be up. We can’t have a President who is corrupt, let alone a ‘Russian Agent’. The UK is a country that has been attacked by Russia this year and our closest Ally (Depending on what day of the week it is) is a man who is being investigated for collusion WITH Russia. We are currently in this bizarre scenario where the Head of the US Government is being investigated by the US Government for colluding with one of the biggest threats to that same Government, and he can appoint whoever he likes to be in charge of the department that is running the investigation. This is like having a murder investigation where the head of the investigation is the prime suspect. It simply doesn’t work. And if Trump doesn’t want to arouse suspicion of him having ties to Russia, he shouldn’t fire the head of the FBI, the person conducting that investigation for basically no reason. The only reason Trump gave for dismissing James Comey (Former Director of the FBI) was that Comey had “lost the support” of “rank and file” FBI employees, despite many FBI agents rejecting this, saying that Comey was admired in the FBI. Donald Trump Jr. has also met with Russian Lawyers, this has aroused suspicion.

Jonathan Pie, the hilarious fictitious news reporter, put Trump’s Presidency brilliantly:

His administration is like a 3-year-old has tried to write an episode of House of Cards.

Amazing. And that’s not all, currently, Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by at least 19 women, and all the claims are being investigated. And there is a disgusting tape of him talking about assaulting women. When a woman came forward with an accusation of assault Donald Trump joked about it, hinting that she was too ugly for him to assault her. Wow, how dare he. How dare he joke about such a terrible thing.

Donald Trump when talking about the horrible events that took place at Charlottesville last year, where a White Nationalist Rally turned into a mass riot, said that there were “very fine people On both sides”. The White Nationalists started the riot and violence against counter-protesters, even though Donald Trump never acknowledges this and claims both sides started the violence. A car plowed through counter-protesters, this killed one person and injured dozens. He never blamed the White Nationalists for starting the violence. Donald Trump blames Islamic Terrorists all the time, but he refuses to blame White Supremacists, these are the calling cards of a racist and bigoted man. Also, many people have come out saying they have heard Trump use the N-word and Omarosa Manigault, a former political aid for Donald Trump, claims that she has a tape where he uses the N-word, the C-word. I would like to mention that Mr. Trump has referred to Mrs. Manigault as a ‘dog’. And when Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, was asked if she could say, on the stand, that the world will never hear a tape of Donald Trump using the N-word, she said that she “Can’t guarantee” it! Wow.

Donald Trump is a man who asked his supporters to “knock the crap” out of protesters and that he would “pay the legal fees”. What type of a leader says that? I’ll tell you, a leader who is a hate-filled despot.

Donald Trump has imitated a disabled reporter, the video of that is here. When questioned about this the President simply dismissed it, saying it never happened.

Mr. Trump claims that negative press is fake news. CNN talks badly about the Trump administration, they’re Fake News. In Trumps mind Negative Press = Fake News. Here is another quote from Jonathan Pie about this issues:

It’s either Fox News of Fake News.

And this is completely true, Donald Trump gets all of his information from Fox News, and it’s only because they paint him in a positive light. And now the White House has coined the term ‘Alternative Facts’. What? Things are either True or False. The White House lies all the time. They say that Donald Trump’s Inauguration was “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration”. This picture debunks that claim:

Donald Trump also claims that he invented the word ‘Fake’. No wonder he uses it so much.

Mr. Trump claims that the Singapore Summit with North Korea was a success. And it did look like that, for a while. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un agreed to denuclearise North Korea. Yes, North Korea did destroy a Nuclear test site, but it turns out that North Korea is “improving its nuclear facilities after promising to denuclearise”. Even a few CIA agents have come forward in saying that Kim Jong Un has tricked Donald Trump and that the CIA is of the opinion that Trump is wrong about North Korea. So obviously North Korea has pulled the wool over Trump’s eyes.

Donald Trump has faked his own Health Letter. In the report, Donald Trump’s physical strength and stamina are described as “extraordinary”. His blood pressure and laboratory tests were described as “astonishingly excellent”, and he was said to have lost 15 pounds (7kg) over the course of a year. It also says that “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” This is quite weird really because he has apparently written all this about himself. He obviously thinks very highly of himself.

Mr. Trump want’s to build a wall between Mexico and the USA and make Mexico pay for the wall. Why you may ask. Well, the reason for him wanting to build a  “Great Wall” on the border is because Mexico is bringing drugs, crime, and rapists. This is extremely racist. He wants to separate two countries because he believes that they only bring the worst people to the USA, this is false. How dare he. Not every Mexican who crosses the border is a rapist or drug lord. Most of them aren’t. So why single out a majority of people just because a minority of them are criminals. This is absurd. And, morals aside, Mexico wouldn’t pay, the law would forbid it and he would be shamed by the world. I would destroy the environment and destroy families. This would separate thousands from their families. Do we really want another Berlin wall? I’ve been there and seen the wall, and believe me, you don’t want another one. And if the purpose of the wall is to stop drugs from entering the US, then why doesn’t Trump focus on stopping drugs entering from air and sea, because that’s where most drugs come from. The wall would destroy US-Mexico immigration. The wall would start racial tensions and destroy the diplomatic relations between the US and Mexico.

Ah yes, and (In my opinion) one of the worst things the Trump Administration has every done: Locking children in cages. Yes, that’s right, thanks to Mr. Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy children who cross the border illegally were, actually it’s still happening so, are separated from their parents and locked up in cages for hours on end. When a tape came out of children crying for their parents at the Mexican Border, Donald Trump changed the policy. But, despite that, the Child Separations are still occurring. This is terrible, something has to be done now. And when Sarah Sanders was asked about it, she defended the policy claiming that it was “what Jesus would have wanted”.

I could go on. I could talk about the corruption, the sexism, the racism, the abuse, everything. So, that’s it. That was my case for why President Trump is the worst President ever. Hope you all enjoyed!

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