The State of the UK

The Conservative party is, currently, a disaster. In it, you have a leader who is weak and frail. Most of her cabinet don’t believe in her and she is doing a terrible job of Brexit, amongst many other things that are bad about her. Just last week, David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned over the Checkers Agreement. Theresa May is not a strong leader. She is improvising Brexit, in essence. I don’t believe that Theresa May is fit to run a country. And she has proven that.

I have lost faith in this government, I lost it a long time ago. The Tories need to stop trying selling off the NHS. What’s a solution is trying to rebuild it, not run it into the ground so that the Tories will be able to privatize the NHS. With 1 in every 200 people being homeless, something must not be right. Around 590,000 people used food banks last year, and the numbers for this year are rising. Knife crime is rising in London and the police and prisons are severely underfunded. The UK’s military is also underfunded and we are relying on the US military to defend us. These are just a few of the many things that are wrong with this country.

Thatcher caused a lot of these problems, Thatcherism is everywhere you look. It feels like the Tories just don’t care, and what’s worrying is that they probably don’t care. We need a change, the Tories have been in power for 8 years now and things haven’t got better. But to make that change we have the alter a few things. Labour is a mess, and we need to rebuild it to its former glory. And when I say this I’m not talking about the awful Blair years when we got put in an illegal war on false intelligence, when we had a Capitalist in charge of a Socialist party who basically turned Labour into a party on the right but dressed it up as a party on the left. No, I’m talking about the pure, Socialist party we once had. Only then will we stand a chance against Mrs May.

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