Hi. My exams started this Tuesday! Yeah, I done my Science exam yesterday which was okay. I just want school to be over and done with now. I can't wait for the 6 weeks off as I'm going to Devon with my Dad, Brother, Cousins and Uncle and that should be good. I'm thinking about... Continue Reading →

How I’m getting on

Hello. I just want to talk about have I've been getting on the last couple of weeks. Well, quite well actually. My Dystonia has died down a bit and I'm not have a spasms as frequently as I was. I feel much better (Although I'm a bit more tired). Overall I think there has been a... Continue Reading →


Not that long ago I went to Edinburgh with my Brother and Dad. I really enjoyed it and even went to the Scotish Parliment which was amazing. I have been the Edinburgh many times before and every time I go I love it. It is an amazing city full of culture and I would definitely... Continue Reading →

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