--Before I being this post I would just like to express my deepest condolences to the victim's families of the terrible Texas School shooting, this has to stop. America needs tighter gun control-- Hello. It's me, but I'm 14! Yay! Had a good birthday (Besides smashing my phone). Just tired now. Also, tomorrow I'm going... Continue Reading →

Birthday soon.

Hello, again. Dystonia has been up and down recently, but it's not too bad so that is good. It's my birthday soon! Yay, can't wait. I also can't wait for Stranger Things 3 to come out! Can't believe it'll be coming out in 2019 though, I can't wait that long for this amazing show to... Continue Reading →


Hello, hope you're well. Just a quick one today. The spasms have been up and down the last week or so which isn't great but it isn't as worse as last time. I am still quite tired and am getting more homework and revision which isn't helping. But overall I feel I am still in... Continue Reading →

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