The Earth Is Flat?

By Matthew Mole

As we all know by now the earth is round, well most of us believe it is, however, there has been a recent trend that a few people believe that the earth is in fact …flat. Now a while ago people were confused about how the world couldn’t be flat and they actually thought if you sailed a ship out to sea for a while you would reach the end of the world, in fact only 2,000 years ago we discovered that it was in fact round. I have a very simple question to ask these flat-earthers, yes that is the name they go by I haven’t just made it up. How is the world flat? Well, my question has already been answered.

Flat Earthers say that” what about disappearing ships, they could have easily fell off, the earth.” Well, the most common cause for a ship to disappear is via a storm or an iceberg or even a malfunction, but nowhere on the list does it say that some ships fall off the edge of the earth. The theory really makes no sense as people have walked the from one end of the south pole and came out perfectly fine and well on the other side.


A reason why the earth is round is that if you have ever been to a coastline before and seen ships coming towards you it looks like they emerge from the sea but if the world was flat you would be able to see a load of ships. Imagine an ant walking along the surface of an orange, into your field of view. If you look at the orange “head on”, you will see the ant’s body slowly rising up from the “horizon” because of the curvature of the orange.


Another reason that the earth is round, NOT FLAT, is because the higher you are the point of view on a round Earthfurther you, see, for example, if you were at a coast and look out you would see quite far but then if you went directly up for about twelve feet you would see further. This is because of the earth’s curvature.


The most obvious reason the earth is round is that of time zones. As we all know the moon circles the earth which makes it be on one side and NOT both side,s. For example, my dad is currently in Miami which is five hours behind the UK, so I woke up at around nine and I tried to facetime, him but for him, it was only four in the morning that explains why he didn’t answer. Also, Gravity pulls us humans to the core of the earth, so how would we be on earth still if there was no center.




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