Why I’m an Atheist

As some of you may know, I’m an Atheist and have been for about two years. Now, if you’ve jumped to the conclusion that I wasn’t brought up religious, you’d be wrong. I was brought up Roman Catholic, I went to a Roman Catholic Primary School and currently go to a Roman Catholic Secondary School. I went to church about twice a month and prayed to God, I have also been to Lourdes. So, that being said, I would like to go into why I denounced the faith.

Well, I denounced it for these two reasons: For the simple lack of evidence to support God’s existence and the large amount of evidence to disprove God. What I argue against God’s existence is this, that the most logical answer to explain the Universe and Life is that there is a higher power, a God. Imagine about 40, 000 years ago, we were scared, we didn’t know anything about the world and the idea that everything happened for no reason was terrifying. Thus, we created the idea of God to comfort us. And that has survived throughout the years and has been transformed into various different religions. And if you say ‘But what about the scriptures? The Bible? They WERE real and STILL are real’ I would say this to you: Of course, they were real, but that doesn’t mean what they have written on them is true.

I would like to ask you (If you’re a theist) to do this:

Prove the existence of God. Give me all the evidence you have on God. Scientific, proven evidence of his existence. You can’t really, you can say ‘Miracles happen so that proves that God exists’ or ‘God answers prayers’ but that dosen’t make much sense. Just because miraculous things happen you can’t go and say ‘It was God’, and if what you prayed for happened and it did then I’m sorry but it was simply coincidence. I know that that isn’t a satisfying answer but it’s the simplest and most plausible one. Personally, I have prayed many times to God for things to happen, important things like keeping the health of my Great Grandad or helping my Mental Health, but he’s never answered them. Never. But that’s just a personal experience. Look, if we can’t prove that something exists then why do we believe in it? And, on the other hand, if you can’t prove or disprove that something exists, why believe in it? Because if you can’t prove or disprove something then it just might mean that there isn’t anything to disprove because it simply isn’t there.

I know that all ok it is scary, I even wanted to hold onto the faith because I was TERRIFIED at the fact that everything happens for no reason but, we have to realise that we can’t abdicate responsibility into something that probably dosen’t exist. We just can’t. The idea of a God has caused many Wars in the past and currently is causing a war based around Radical Islam and it will more then likely cause more if we don’t come to accept that God just might not be there.

Well, thats my opinion. See you soon.

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