The Earth Is Flat?

By Matthew Mole

As we all know by now the earth is round, well most of us believe it is, however, there has been a recent trend that a few people believe that the earth is in fact …flat. Now a while ago people were confused about how the world couldn’t be flat and they actually thought if you sailed a ship out to sea for a while you would reach the end of the world, in fact only 2,000 years ago we discovered that it was in fact round. I have a very simple question to ask these flat-earthers, yes that is the name they go by I haven’t just made it up. How is the world flat? Well, my question has already been answered.

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Why I’m an Atheist

As some of you may know, I’m an Atheist and have been for about two years. Now, if you’ve jumped to the conclusion that I wasn’t brought up religious, you’d be wrong. I was brought up Roman Catholic, I went to a Roman Catholic Primary School and currently go to a Roman Catholic Secondary School. I went to church about twice a month and prayed to God, I have also been to Lourdes. So, that being said, I would like to go into why I denounced the faith.

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