New York Trip!

Okay, before I get into this blog I would like to express my deepest sympathies to Professor Stephen Hawking’s family. Stephen Hawking was an amazing man who overcome a terrible condition for 76 years.

About 2 weeks ago my dad surprised me with a trip to New York and I am extremely excited to go. I have always wanted to go to New York. But, I wish it would come sooner. I know I sound like an idiot for saying this, being so lucky as to even go at my age, but anxiety often gets the better of me and the longer I have to think about a situation the more my fear of that situation grows. It’s more about the flight, I have been on about 6 flights (The return flight included) and the longest flight I’ve been on was about 3 hours which was a flight to Port de Pollença in Spain. I was only about 8ish then and didn’t really have anxiety back then. But the flight to New York is 8 hours and I don’t know if I could stand it. My last flight was to Amsterdam and I was panicky about the whole trip right up until the plane took off. Once I was in the air it was fine but, that was only a 1 hour and 25 minutes flight.

The thing is is this, I have Emetophobia which means I have a phobia of being sick. It’s mostly about being sick in public because you have to get back home, and also my anxiety can make me feel sick so the two put together is hell for me. So if I’m sitting in a single seat, with limited movement, in a plane that’ll be over the sea for most of the trip and the trip lasts for 7 hours, then what if I’m sick? Turn the plane around? No. I’d hate to affect the journey of about 100 other people.

I know that it’ll probably be fine and I’m still lucking forward to it but, I still have my usual fears of long flights and due to the journey length my fears have been increased.

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