Current Situation

Hello. I’m still the same as last time. Bad spasms, shortness of breath etc. but it’s getting slowly worse in a way. My lungs/chest are aching a lot, when I yawn I can take a full breath but when I do get a full breath my lungs ache 99% of the time. It’s horrible. I am sick of it but I’m going to the hospital this week. I’m also back with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), so hopefully it’ll help.

I’m worried about the future, if my Dystonia will worsen or not. I’m on A LOT of medication and it’s not taking any effect. I just hope that the breathing problems are Dystonia and are not something else to deal with, I really can’t be bothered with a new condition. Anyway, I’m still writing that book and am enjoying doing so. Writing is my escape in a sense, you can create a world and no one but yourself can dictate that world.

See you soon.

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