Life Being Off School

If you’re at School, Collage, University etc. (But mostly School), you must admit that you would jump at the opportunity to get just 1 day off, but when your off for more than 1 week, it gets a bit repetitive. I hate how I can’t do anything. All I can do is lie down, binge Netflix (Will get onto to that in a bit) and blog, and my laptops broke so I’m using my Mam’s laptop to blog. But there are good sides to it too, for example: I hate the schooling system, and School in general, so I get a break from that (Until School send work home :-/). I also, like I said earlier, can binge watch Netflix, I recently re-watched Stranger Things (Which I love) season 2 within a day and a half. I’m currently re-watching Sherlock. But I do still hate being off. I feel so helpless lying there on the couch whilst others go to School, work and outside! Granted, I do get to go out for lunch to Starbucks and McDonalds but it’s not the same.

And all I feel is tired and drugged all the time, drugged up to my eyes. Drugs and James don’t work well with each other (Trust me, I’ve met both of them). I just want to get out and do something, but I know I can’t. Because if I do then this nightmare’s expiry date gets further and further away from the current date, but I’ll get use to it. Because if I don’t, I’ll go mad. But I’m happy, I really am.

P.S. Thank you for all the helpful and uplifting comments on my last post! I’m very great full!

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