Me and my relationship with tech

Okay, on Friday me and my Dad went through my laptop and deleted all the random programs on the laptop which I didn’t even know existed! We then decided to ‘defragment’ the disk, just to speed it up a bit. The process reached 100% and I switched off the laptop, great. Today (About an hour ago) I turned on my laptop and low and behold, it had broke. I think I must have deleted something that played a big part in the Windows OS. So, now every time I turn on my laptop I’m greeted with ‘Please choose your keyboard settings’ then once I manage to find ‘United Kingdom’ Windows gives me the option to either turn off the laptop or troubleshoot it. If I troubleshoot it every single button I press in the troubleshoot menu comes out with an error!!! I hate tech. And on top of frequent spasms I have the worry of a broken laptop, but its getting arranged to be fixed so that is one good thing.

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