I am sick of the abuse hurdled towards Transgender citizens. Right, first of all there is this LEGAL clause called the ‘Trans Panic Clause’ (And there is a gay panic clause as well) which is a legal defense FOR MURDER that states you killed someone because YOU WHERE SCARED OF THEM! You can kill a trans person and say that YOU PANICKED BECAUSE OF THEIR GENDER IDENTITY AS A LEGAL DEFENSE. WHAT!!! It is absurd and offensive.

Also, Donald J. Trump revoked Obama’s Transgender Guidelines on bathrooms. So, someone in the US who doesn’t like the gender they where born with and has changed it (RIGHTFUL) can’t use the bathroom that fits their gender identity. It is a disgrace. You should be able to use the bathroom that suits your gender/gender identity. Its simple. So why can’t the President get that into his head?

And the Trump Transgender ban is for a whole new post, so here:

Transgender Military ban.

Till next time.