Okay, I done an article like this a while ago but I would like to ‘update’ some of that article and add some more to it. So, here we go.


Ah, Brexit, Brexit Brexit Brexit. The concern of modern Europe, the turmoil of the EU, call it what you will but the people voted for it so I would intend to carry out their wishes. I wouldn’t stay in the single market, why? Well the whole concept of the single market is, well, great! But the problem is if you stay in the single market you have freedom of movement, you can’t stay in the market without freedom of movement. Now, the biggest reason people voted for Brexit is so that we can have FULL control of our borders, right? So if Britain stays in the single market it would be hard, if not impossible, to control the borders. So we would have to go. Its axiomatic. We WANT to be in the single market but we also want to have control of our borders. Its like going into a supermarket and wanting to buy something/s but when you get to the checkout you want to pay less in return for not taking the packaging but the store (Rightly) insists you can’t buy the product/s without the packaging.


Britain once ‘ruled the seas’ and owned an empire. Now before you think I’m mad, no I don’t want Britain owning an empire and nor do I want Britain owning the seven seas but what I do want is something ELSE that we don’t have, a sufficient military. We need more ships, soldiers and subs. It would give a sense of respect from the rest of the world if we could actually ‘fight our own fights’. Yes, I like that ‘Britain needs to be able to fight its own fights’ you can quote me on that if you like, I kid of course (Wow, that sounded sophisticated).


I have a lot of experience with the NHS for obvious reasons so I feel that I have some sort of an ‘advantage’ in this topic. The NHS is in ruin, we all know that. So what would I do? More funding. Funding for the NHS, training for doctors and nurses and I would try my hardest to encourage students to consider a career in the medical sciences or the NHS.

Education System

I talk about this a lot so you may already know my stance on this. Okay, I am a huge fan of Prince Ea’s ‘I sued the education system’ and Sir Ken Robinson so a lot of my opinion on this, is based on personal experience combined with theirs. Schools should tailor learning to suit every individual child and their abilities and talents. We ALL learn in different ways and I believe that a lot of what a child becomes is influenced by their teachers and every teacher teaches differently so is it possible that teaching is a factor of intelligence and intellectual people had teachers that taught the way that they needed to be taught. If that makes sense.

If war arose and it affected Britain or one of our allies I would go to war if it was for the greater good. I hate war, HATE IT. But if nuclear war arose then I would only fire if the enemy fired first or there was HUGE evidence to support that they where going to fire there missiles.

If disease broke out then we would face that as a country and find a cure (If one didn’t exist) ASAP. I would, though, shut the borders (Within reason) to stop the spread of the disease.

I would only ‘watch’ people who the government had sufficient evidence that would suggest that they have done something massively illegal.

I would implement a point system so that for example if you where a doctor you would get lets say 5 points and anyone who had over 3 points will probably get in unless they had evidence of criminal activity.

Right, so thats about it, enjoy your week end and see you soon.