How are you? Well I hope. I would like to ask you a question: If you could photograph a single moment in your life, what moment would it be? I ask you this out of curiosity and if you didn’t know, because photography is a little hobby of mine. I love it! I can capture a single moment in time and live in that moment over and over again for as long as I like! It can also be used instead of words. Take this photo, for example, showing the poor and the rich:


It needs very little, if not no, explanation. Or this photo that shows the effects of war:


Or perhaps, a protester willing to give his life for change:


Photos tell stories. They can tell sad, happy, powerful, romantic, almost any type of story, and in doing so, they can change peoples’ mindset. Photojournalists tell the most powerful stories, of war, famine, poverty, politics etc. Photos connect all of us in ways most of us don’t fully understand; they also show something about us. Something that makes us look like monsters, or maybe angles, like this one:

Or this one:

Human kindness in its purest form. Photos are amazing. I would like to leave you with this picture, a woman planned to jump off the side of a tower to end her life. A police officer handcuffed himself to her to let her know she wasn’t alone:


And so again I ask the question; tell me the answer if you like or don’t, but do ask yourself because I think it’s quite a powerful exercise. If you could photograph a single moment in your life, what moment would it be? What’s your moment?