Look, members of the LGBT+ Community have been persecuted by society since LGBT+ was known and the LGBT+ Community are STILL being persecuted by society today. Homosexuality has been around for ever, it’s just become more visible this past 70 years or so? However, A LOT of people STILL criticise the whole motion of being LGBT+, from the AIDS/HIV crisis to the USA Military Transgender Ban. If you think being a member of the LGBT+ Community is wrong then I’ll dumb it down for you: If a boy likes a boy, thats okay, if a girl likes a girl, thats okay, if a boy or girl likes both boys and girls, thats okay, if a boy or girl dosen’t like any boys or girls, thats okay, if a boy or girl dosen’t want to be a boy or girl, THAT IS OKAY.  Of course, if a boy likes a girl or a girl a boy, that’s ok too, but I guess you already knew that. If you believe this as you have a certain religion that is against the concept of LGBT+ then I don’t want to change your religion but try to talk some sense into you and before I go on, what I do know of the likes of the story of Jesus, is that he was the epitome of love, acceptance and equality. So, with all that in mind, what really is the crime of LGBT+? WHAT is the crime? The crime is love. They love that person, deeply, and yet you think thats wrong? IT’S LOVE! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE UNIVERSE! They love him/her/whatever gender they identify as and you want to take that away from them? FORCE them to love a gender they aren’t attracted to? No, thats despicable. If you want to take love, a beautiful thing, away from someone I think that YOU are something of a monster.