Hebburn is the town of which I live in. Hebburn is an amazing town, yet it has been disregarded. The history of Hebburn and nearby town Jarrow is all shipbuilding. We have built A LOT of ships. The most famous being The Mauretania. The last ship ever built on the Tyne was the RFA Lyme Bay, launched 3rd September 2005. Construction started in November 2000. Look, this country needs ships, military, passenger, cargo, etc. and the Tyne is a perfect river to built ships on! Yet it doesn’t anymore. The Tyne still is involved with ships. It runs a ferry that goes from South Sheilds to Amsterdam and distributes various things. I urge the conservatives to think about this because they are sitting on a goldmine. Here are some benefits of reopening shipbuilding in Hebburn and Jarrow:

  1. Employment
  2. Military boost
  3. Easier transportation of both goods and people

This will cost, I’m not denying that, but it will benefit the Military and Economy greatly. Mrs May and Sir Michael Fallon, consider this.