First off, thank you to Petrel41 for nominating me for this award! I would like to nominate Just Merveilleux


Where do most of your visitors come from?

Twitter, basically. I am always on Twitter and this website is linked to my account.

What is your favourite sport?

Hmm. I don’t really like sports but if I had to choose I would choose Cricket.

What has been a special moment for you so far in 2017?

Wow, hard question. Probably when I went to Amsterdam/Germany for a week.

What is your favourite quote?

Happy the man, and happy he alone,

He who can call today his own:

He who, secure within, can say,

Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.

What was your favourite class when still at school?

Well, I’m still at school. But currently let’s say, history.

Anything you had wished to learn earlier?

Probably how to tell the time! I know it’s a bit weird but I couldn’t read analog until I was 11!

What music instrument have you tried to play?

Keyboard, I’m still teaching myself how to play!

Again, thanks for the nomination!

I will accept.