You may not know this, but on top of my other disabilities, I suffer from anxiety on a daily basis. I have seen psychiatrists and I have tried ‘coping tactics’ but not a lot of them help. I can worry about the simplest things like going up to Newcastle and falling ill or being sick at school, getting bad marks, money, WORLD WAR 3! Yes, it may sound weird but I do worry about nuclear war on a daily basis, I don’t have a phobia of it, it’s just I don’t like the concept of it (Who would?). I have a lot of phobias too and the main ones being are falling ill, mostly I worry about being physically sick as I hate the feeling of it but when I worry I feel sick anyway. I worry a lot about the future and what will become of me. I worry about my disabilities getting worse. You also may not know this but I need to walk of crutches, I can’t really walk probably without them. I’m fine in the house as if I fall I can lean on the walls but outside I need them, and I worry that my legs will deteriorating. All these things (And much more) are built up inside me. I am currently reading the famous ‘How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie’ which is quite insightful and so far helpful. I am getting a bit better but I have just started year 9 and I am worried about things. Most people are worreing about their options but I’m not as I know what I’m going to take (Sociology and history. They don’t do politics). Anywho, thank you for reading and I hope at least one person can relate to this and I hope I can make at least one person not feel alone.