North Korea have threatened a nuclear attack against the island of Guam (US territory). American states are preparing for nuclear fallout and the United Kingdom has been told to prepare for immediate war. This seems like war may soon be upon us. Bearing in mind that North Korea will almost certainly lose. In this article I’m going to present to you a scenario which, I think, could become reality:

Most likely scenario of war:

It’s early morning in Guam. Air raid sirens sound. The island is in shock. Mass panic erupts. People rush to shelters. North Korea have turned the keys. President Trump is informed and the US notify there allies. The UK have the US’s back and are ready for nuclear war. Other countries such as France and Germany are also ready. A full scale nuclear attack is launched against North Korea. Submarines are sent to North Korea by the US and UK. They arrive and launch their missiles. The north of South Korea is ordered to flee to the south of South Korea. North Korea is gone.