—Spoilers for the movie ‘The Circle’—

Lately, I watched a new film called ‘The Circle’. In the film, a young woman joins the biggest technology company in the world called ‘The Circle’. The circle come out with an amazing CCTV camera that is about the size of half a golf ball and it can be placed anywhere. It has statistics, facial recognition and much more. Then they come out with a new idea. It can locate any person in the world. They catch a fugitive with it but then they look for the young woman’s long lost friend (Against her will). The public track him down and chase him. He drove away but because of all the people around him he accidentally drove off a bridge. The woman also broadcasts her live 24/7 on one of the cameras.

It shows you what the future could be like if we keep going the way where going. I wrote about this in my post ‘The State Of Surveillance’. If every move we make, every thing we buy, if everything we ever did was recorded, privacy would become a thing of the past. If you where in the way we’re going, if you where in London in the year 2030 and you bought a cup of coffee, the UK government and all the UK’s allies would know where you bought it, who bought it (You) and what time you bought it. I don’t know, maybe this already happens. I encourage ‘smart cities’, but they still need to be private. Encrypt that data. Use something along the lines of WhatsApp’s ‘end-to-end-encryption’.