Today, I am going to do a more personal opinion on something that isn’t political. Sports. I have never really liked sports, I liked playing some, but I never liked watching them. They are pointless to me. People celebrate winning a game more than a military victory. Take politics for an example. Politics will affect the way you live for the rest of your life, but the outcome of a league or game will not affect your life in any way, shape or form. The Olympics is an amazing event where most countries from around the world come to Olympics and mostly the Para-Olympics but its the pointless football, basketball, tennis etc. that get on my nerves. I find that sports are a means of entertainment. Think about it. They give you adrenaline just like a scene would of a chase in a movie would. The movie or media will entertain you by supplying ‘fast’ and ‘loud’ scenes to make you want to watch more, just like sports. I like only one type of sport (besides the Olympics but thats not a sport) ESL. You may say that it isn’t a sport, it is. Sky and other sport channels are trying to put ESL on their channel. It is a sport. If you don’t know what ESL means, it is a company that does gaming tournaments (Mostly Counter Strike) and teams battle against each other to win.  Anyway thats what I think, what do you think? Tweet me @MrJamesMole or write a comment down below! Goodbye.