–1 I’m VERY sorry I missed the deadline I though I had something scheduled but I didn’t. Also this ones kind of off topic. The following is not fake in any way shape or form–

My friends house is haunted. I’m convinced. Jack’ss house is haunted. Let me explain why:

He has always been saying ‘things’ have been happening but I was optimistic. But yesterday I was there. Jack was recording and I was sitting on his bed when the door slightly opened (There is no one in the house apart from the dog but she was outside) then it spammed shut. We both jumped and looked around. Nothing was upstairs so we went down. I was talking to him and he was filming when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an around 8 foot figure in white run past the window. And no this isn’t a slender man origin story it was just what I saw. We ran into the conservatory window and looked around. Nothing. We let the dog in and she was hysterical. She was running round and kept staring in the corner. We kept on hearing noises all night and atone time Jack swore he heard the front door swing open and then shut. One the gaming video he was recording Jack’s face cam and audio cut off for the rest of the video at some point without explanation. I also found out today that all the videos were corrupted. Truly a weird thing.