I have been disabled all my live. 13 years. I would like to tell you things and issues about being a disabled boy.

1. Some people suspect you are unintelligent from how you look. It isn’t right.

2. School. School school school. Will they ever learn? For example I barely get help in class and sometimes don’t get a scribe in an assessment. It states in my heath care plan that I need a scribe. Yet I barely get one. It’s terrible. Also you aren’t allowed a scribe in an assessment till KS4. I, frankly, find this a violation of my rights. I need a scribe. The schools need to get this into their heads. I will have a spasm if someone doesn’t write for me.

3. Not understanding. People, sometimes, don’t understand what my disability is. Also, I can barely walk without crutches. Don’t immediately think I have injured myself. Do I have a cast on my leg? No. Do I swing through my crutches as someone with an injured leg would? No. 
That’s it! Well, briefly.
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