Picture this! I, James Mole, have become the leader of the Labour party. I win the election. Yay. The first thing I do? Nationalise everything. It’s much better. Then, invest in another trident. After that increase security and military funding. Then scrap the old immigration system and change it with a point system. Bearing in mind that all of these will have to pass through parliament and possibly (Only possibly) have to be voted on by the public (A referendum). Also bearing in mind that a lot of MP’s and the public will oppose my views and opinions. Hmm…


News & My Opinion On It

Her Majesty The Queen’s speech could be delayed due to the Conservative and DUP talks (As of writing this). Thank the tories for it!

John Bercow has been re-elected as speaker of the house. Congratulations.

Tim Farron has resigned as liberal democrats leader. Yay!

A tower block in London has went up in flames. As of writing this 12 are reported dead. My heart goes out to the victims and the families.

Another incident outside Westminster. Nobody was hurt.
New post next Sunday 4 PM (UK) titled Billionaire Brits.