This election has been a nightmare for a lot of parties. UKIP got very, very little votes causing Paul Nuttle (UKIP’s leader) to resign. Labour had it good with getting more votes than expected, but we all know about that failed ‘high-five’. Also the former Lib Dem parties former leader Nick Clegg lost his seat, looking as if he was about to cry. Newcastle won in the ‘annual race’ to get there results through  before Sunderland do (They’ve always been rivals). The conservative party called this election for a ‘secure place’ whilst the brexit negotiations take place. As you probably know, this wasn’t the case. No partes passed the 326 seats to win the election. They have now went off and are currently attempting to start a minority government with the DUP! But in the end it was an eventful night. Also with some funny thing people have done/said:

Someone put a lot of what Theresa May has said and has turned it into a truthfull song.

(Click here for video)

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