My father once said ‘You’re not voting for the best political, you’re voting for the least bad’ and he’s right. None of the parties are perfect. Here is my view of the parties:

  • Conservative: There for the rich and don’t care about the poor and/or northeast.
  • UKIP: UKIP is a weird one for me, they support a lot of my views but they couldn’t run a country, they couldn’t win an election, they now have no purpose and you are wildly considered a racist if you vote for UKIP.
  • Liberal Democrats: Vote wasted. The leader I dislike and they were tied with the Conservatives which went ‘really bad’.
  • Labour: Bad leader. That’s it. It’s his views. He is too soft and if he wasn’t the leader I would ‘fully’ support Labour.
  • Green party: Pointless! No morals! Only care about ‘green energy’ and a ‘green world’.
  • Independent MP (I know this isn’t a party but I would like to express my opinion on this): Good if they support your views but they couldn’t become PM as they don’t have a party to back them up.

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