Feminism. Let’s look at the definition of Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Sounds good right? Well, some feminists take that way out of context. A number of them (This is a minority) have said ‘Kill All Men’. This is outrageous! ‘Kill All Men’? SURELY THEY CAN’T BE SERIOUS! Not all men are sexist! The majority of men aren’t sexist! One woman (Here’s the story link) even said kill all male babies to ‘keep the human race going’. Now, do you see the problem with that statement? You can’t ‘keep the human race going’ if there are NO men! It is impossible! I do not wish for women to be ‘enslaved’, in fact, I support equal rights for both women and men (Which both have). In March Australia banned all men off TV and radio for international women’s day, it would THEREFORE make SENSE if they banned all women ofF TV and radio for an international men’s day, that’s equal rights! I find this insulting, so it’s fine for women to ban men off TV and radio but it isn’t for men to ban women off TV and radio? I would like to say that I would prefer it if neither genders are banned off TV and radio when it’s international women’s or/and men’s day. When SOME women say they want equal rights, it isn’t really equal as their ideal system FOR THIS (THANKFUL) MINORITY is focused more on females than males. Tweet me @MrJamesMole to argue on this subject. Till next time!