Currently, Me, Matthew (My brother), Charlie (My cousin) and my good friend Jack are making a movie, yay! For ‘long-term’ viewers (I doubt there are any) you may remember our film called ‘The Mask’ currently on around 1,000 views. That movie had many mistakes and ‘hiccups’ in it, for example, there is a scene in the movie where Matthew is getting taken away by an invisible force, Charlie just stands there and shouts ‘No!’ but there’s more! After Matthew gets taken away Charlie says and I quote ‘God where is he! Oh, this guys magic, I think he’s gone I’m going to play FIFA’. What! Your best friend has been taken and your first thought is ‘I want to play FIFA’? This isn’t Charlie’s fault it’s just lack of work we put into this. Also, what’s with the accents? There not American! Granted we were young when we made this but the accents! And at the end, the thing that took Matthew disappears (They’ve seen it do this before) and the first and only conclusion they come up with is its dead and/or gone forever. Also granted the thing comes back at the end but you don’t just jump to a conclusion like that. But anyway we have filmed the first ‘chapter’ of the film (There are 10 chapters) and made a full script. The first chapter is fully edited (We just need to do an audio recording) and we are filming tomorrow with Charlie. Thanks for reading! Twitter: @MrJamesMole.