–I am not a racist, in fact, I am strongly against racism, I am just talking about the ‘Islamic State’, not the whole Muslim community. Also, I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists–

Immigration. We (The UK) are currently in an immigration crisis. People are immigrating to our country for refuge. They do have a good reason for immigration (War) but in a lot of cases, the conditions in England (For them) are worse than the conditions in the country they left. Immigration is a tough subject, the likes of UKIP wants them all out whereas other parties want a more controlled immigration system and some want more immigration. I am going to propose a proposition, adapting Australia’s immigration system.

Australia uses a point-based system. It depends on your job/qualifications (You have to be under 50 to apply). The more your job/qualifications benefits the country the higher your points are. The higher the points the more likely you will be allowed in. Also, they have rules once you are granted asylum and if you don’t abide by them you are deported, simple as that. Feel free to tweet me @MrJamesMole to debate this topic.