Ok. Gay marriage has become legalised in many countries. But still some people think it’s a sin. Gay marriage is not a sin. From 1885-1967 homosextual men and women were sent to court and given two options, have medical treatment (Which didn’t work and had many side effects) or 2 years in prison. Then when they left prison (If they chosen to go to prison) the court say ‘Don’t do it again’ like they have a choice.

A man died in 1954. He committed suicide. The reason he did this because he couldn’t cope with how the Uk government and people treated him. This man made the world’s first computer and broke the enigma code ending the war an estimated 2 years early saving around 14 million lives. This man was Alan Turing and he was homosextual. In 2013 the queen pardoned him, 21,750 days overdue. This man is an inspiration.

I’m glad parliaments around the world are starting to realise that everyone should have freedom.