—This post will kind of be me talking to me, Confused yet? Good—


Yours interests

Ok, James, you know how you have always wanted a website? You get one! And you get a real domain name! And you know that youtube thing you do now and again? Well, you will be paid for it! And also get 200 subscribers! That’s something to look forward to!


James, Your ‘job interest’ changes every week doesn’t it? Well not for long! You will want to become an ethical hacker or a programmer for a while but soon you will settle on wanting to become an MP! So all that information about politics you know can be exploited!


You’ve always had bad grades, but that will change soon. You will get top of the class at maths! I know, the subject your worst at you will excel in soon! You will be top of the class in English too!

Are You stupid

Now, I am still trying to decipher this one but I think I’m leaning towards intelligent. You will have an estimated IQ of 126 (Though it did say 177 once but that’s highly unlikely).


School will be a doddle social wise. You will have a decent amount of friends and will be called an inspiration by countless people.

Other things

You will loose ALOT of weight. Not bad.

So not the worst life ahead of you, eh? But still, I highly doubt you will make a time machine and receive this so I’m just talking to myself, well I would be if you found this. Well, I wouldn’t be talking to you now, yes I think that makes sense.

Yours sincerely,

12-year-old (13 tomorrow) James Mole.

14th May 2017