The threat of nuclear weapons is real. If we get attacked with a nuclear weapon. We are dead. But if they kill us all, we kill the threat of them attacking other countries because we will have responded in kind; they too will be dead. This is what ‘mutually assured destruction’ means! We need to keep the nuclear submarine as a response. Most leaders are smart enough (Even corrupt ones) to not fire a missile at a country that has more missiles than themselves. It is a way of stopping attacks without firing a single shot! This is one of the reasons the cold war didn’t go nuclear, they knew that the other countries would react to an attack. To fire would be M.A.D. ‘mutually assured….

Both countries hated each other but didn’t fire. Came close to firing, but because of computer glitches and of course the thirteen-day Cuban crisis! Does Jeremy Corbyn want us to fall into a nuclear holocaust! The chance of North Korea attacking us with nuclear weapons is low, why? because they would be obliterated! Kim Jong Un could order the missile commanders to turn the keys and launch their arsenal of nuclear weapons right now. But they would know, not long after the keys are turned, that they would be met with the same fate just 10 times worse. Because we have the upper hand, and we have allies who would fire back to. I know that it costs millions to maintain and I know it’s not the best, but it’s all we have and would you rather keep trident and have a chance of surviving or get rid of it and have no chance!


Now, silos. They can store bigger, and a lot more, nuclear weapons then a submarine can and they have a more efficient system. But we don’t have a single, active, one! not one! but America has 400-500! We need at least one, just one. Because trident is more efficient overall so this is my solution. If I was the prime minister I would put in £190000000000 for another trident submarine and then £1.219809720 for a silo. Then I would keep it that way but that’s far fetched and the UK government doesn’t care about the nuclear weapons program. Feel free to tweet me @jamesmoletech about the topic.