Kids are amazing. No doubt about it but there is a major problem that is significantly growing in the population of school children. LOK. LOK stands for Lack Of Knowledge. I don’t mean lack of knowledge as in Maths or English, I mean lack of knowledge about politics and the world around them. A lot of kids in year 6-8 (Year 6 because I’m not expecting a nine year old to know what is happening in North Korea) don’t know who the President is and/or who the Prime Minister is. It is shocking that many children all around the UK and USA don’t know who runs there country. Kids should watch the news. It lets them know whats going on and gives them a better understanding of the world so that when they ‘leave the nest’ they wont be shocked at what the world is like outside of there little bubble of safety and illusion of peace.

If you don’t want your child’s brain filled with too distressing news stories then I would recommend  BBC NEWSROUND. This website is run by (Guess who) the BBC and basically shortens down the news to a level where kids know whats going on but don’t know all distressing details. Then build them up to GMB (My favorite) and BBC news. Kids need to know these things and it’s just going to give them a bigger shock if they realize the world isn’t all flowers and daises when they are 17 years of age.