Hello! I am back from the land of Scotland! Today I will talk about my trip to Edinburgh. Ok, we left about 9 am and drove down there. We stopped off at a cafe on the road which had a slight American dinner feel to it. We got back on the road after breakfast and entered Scotland. The drive lasted only a few hours. We past that old nuclear power plant and continued until we reached Edinburgh. The first half of the day we checked in, went shopping and went to a weather spoons. That night we went on a ghost tour, the tour was on a Double Decker Bus painted all black. It was a theatrical tour and I really recommend it. They do tours in London, York and Edinburgh here is the website. The next day we went on Britannia! The ship is marvelous and I would really recommend it. After that we went on a bout tour round the river, we didn’t stop off at the island but it was worth it as a massive cargo ship entered the port beside us. We went to a see life center after that due to my brother. It was good and we saw seals being fed and all sorts. After that, god I really need a new sentence starter, next we went in the hotels pool for a bit. The next day we went the the national museum, it was amazing and I really loved the science there. Next we went to an art shop to try and buy this but it was no good so I bought it online instead. We tried to get this:


Printed but we couldn’t do it there as it would take a day and we were leaving that day. We went to a Caffè Nero and had lunch there. After that we got on our way and that was it. Bye.