North Korea is a very ‘obscure’ country to say the least. Unlike Israel which is very quiet about their nuclear weapons program, North Korea brag about theirs and sometimes threatens other countries with it. Alot of the country’s citizens are starving and/or poor, this is due to the ‘elaborate’ leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un is a ruthless person who will stop at nothing to enforce the regime, he has withheld news and information about the outside world and is very strict about who comes in and out of the country. He and his father (Kim Jong Il) have made up a lot of stories about themselves and the outside world, including: Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger, In Kim’s biography he says he never needs to use the toilet as he has ‘special bodily functions’, everyone in the world loves him and that the internet doesn’t exist. Wow, The Kims are great story tellers. Do I think North Korea is a threat? Yes and no. We really need to monitor North Korea and make sure they don’t catch us off guard but most of Kim Jong Un’s threats are empty and meaningless, they do not have the capability to launch a full-scale attack, yet. My advice to the government is this, keep the North under tight surveillance to the best of your ability and make sure they don’t ‘step out of line’.