Governments have been watching us since world war 2. Then, they tapped into phone lines with massive machines. Now, they don’t choose who to monitor. They hack and bug everyone computers and they monitor what you type, what you click, where you are, what website you’re on and even watch you through your webcam and chances are, you have been victim to this surveillance. We are watched every day, the FBI already know what I have typed in this blog. They say it’s to catch criminals but I think it’s something much more. What if they use this surveillance to make sure you didn’t know the TRUTH? It sounds weird but let me explain. The government doesn’t want you knowing about what goes on behind the scenes. They have secrets, which I don’t know, that they want US from knowing what lies behind the face of the government. Wikileaks new leak just shows how far the government will go to watch us. this all sounds far fetched until you see the stats:
You have been recorded, at least, 75 times a day!
Wow. And do you know why the government is allowed to do this? because of us! We wanted more security after the 9/11 attacks (Which I personally think is a cover up) and the government took advantage of that and increased the amount of CCTV cameras so that we think they have done it for our own protection but really it is to monitor you. Feel free to tweet me on the topic @jamesmoletech and check out my blog on the UK’s nuclear weapons. See you soon!