A couple of years ago only sectaries typed, why should you type if someone can do it for you? But now everyone in developed countries has at least touched a keyboard. Yet the language that is used to make that system work, code, is that little known that only 0.3% of the global workforce can use and read it. This number is very low and I think that we really need to do something about it. Robots are in call centers and will soon drop your shopping at your house from the sky via drone without human control. This is amazing but when you think that only 0.3% of the global workforce know how to code your shopping being dropped off from the sky seems unrealistic, not that it can’t be done but more that no one knows how to make it. Imagen if coding was its own subject, that would save a lot of money hiring the few people who know how to write it. A more extreme example is this, the next war is very likely to be cyber and if that happens not many people could fight it. Engineers and mechanics would be replaced with coders and programmers. Soldiers would be hackers trying to attack the opposition, and with only 0.3% of the global workforce fighting it seems countries don’t have a very good chance of winning. It has become so rare to know how to code that web development is the 10th highest paying job in the world due to the rare skill that a web developer possesses. Feel free to tweet me @jamesmoletech or email me at the contact page, Bye.