Hello. I've had the X-ray and the results should be through the door soon. The breathing is getting better. I can breathe if I have enough energy so, that's a start. I'm feeling okay, I'm actually feeling okay for once. I'm still feeling tired, worried about the X-ray results and other things but besides that... Continue Reading →

A lot has happened

Hi, so I haven't written in a while and I''m sorry for that it's just that I've been shattered. So, I'll get into what has happened. The 'Beast from the East' has hit my hometown extremely hard, and it's a known fact that coldness affects Dystonia and causes a sufferer of Dystonia to have spasms... Continue Reading →

Current Situation

Hello. I'm still the same as last time. Bad spasms, shortness of breath etc. but it's getting slowly worse in a way. My lungs/chest are aching a lot, when I yawn I can take a full breath but when I do get a full breath my lungs ache 99% of the time. It's horrible. I... Continue Reading →

Back Now

Hello. About an hour ago I got back from Keswick. I'm shattered, I loved every minute of the trip but its worn me out. We stayed in a Youth Hostel which was alright it's just I was constantly on edge that I would wake another room, but that's just me. I also didn't sleep very well so,... Continue Reading →

Off School

Good Morning. Hope your all doing ok. I'm off school now so, yay. I'm looking forward to Keswick but the worry of me taking bad is still hanging over me, but I'm determined to have a good holiday none the less. I'm sick of Youtube, sick. You know how I say I have a bad... Continue Reading →

Back To School (Kind of)

Hi, how are you? Sorry I haven't written a post in a while, I've been busy. I'm back at school now and doing half days. I'm still getting spasms and my breathing is no better but I can't stay off school forever. Speaking of school, I'm off next week. Me, my brother and my dad are going... Continue Reading →

Went Back To School

Hi, it's me again. Yesterday I did a half day at school. I had a spasm in my hand throughout the day but I could kind of ignore it. Afterwards, I had a full spasm which continued until I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning, the same spasm occurred. I haven't been to school... Continue Reading →


Dystonia causes me a great deal of pain. The worst pain you have ever felt. Agony. But I pull through. It hurts, it hurts like hell (And that is a severe understatement). But I pull through. Why? Well, because giving up would be letting Dystonia win. And I am NOT prepared to let Dystonia win. If... Continue Reading →

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